High Performance
Starting with the most efficient and reliable components, APC’s InfraStruxure™ is engineered as a system to deliver the performance you need. With its flexible architecture you can dial-in your preference for availability, efficiency, density, agility, or cost. Open management tools optimized for InfraStruxure™ enable you adjust buffer levels to align with your risk comfort levels. Active, open, management across all key domains of the data center, including power, cooling, rack systems, and security systems helps avoid to unplanned downtime and maximize energy efficiency. With full integration capabilities to enterprise and building management systems, theInfraStruxure™ software provides a core platform to monitor, manage and operate your data center assets.

Fast and easy to design and deploy
It has become a priority for data center managers to deliver IT capabilities in a timeframe needed to enable business success. Sophisticated InfraStruxure™ planning and design tools enable the fast and easy generation of multiple proposals that can be easily modified to deliver solutions tailored to your exact needs. This dramatically reduces valuable time at the beginning of the project. The solutions are expeditiously shipped with deployment and installation happening very fast as all of the components are designed to work together. Regardless of whether its a retrofit or a completely new build, InfraStruxure™ gets you from design to online in no time!

Scalable and Adaptable
Aligning your IT capabilities with business needs is a top of mind concern. Whether you are rightsizing and initial deployment, scaling up to add applications or scaling down, InfraStruxure™ is the most scalable and adaptable choice. Highly granular modularity in your power, cooling, management, and power distribution are the key.

This new generation of InfraStruxure™ delivers a 25 percent increase in power and cooling capacity, a 15 percent smaller footprint, all while reducing cost by 15 percent^.

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