Planning a Microsoft Windows 7 migration? How much of your corporate data is at the airport today in a lost or stolen laptop? What is the cost per year to manage your desktops? Are you prepared to support the upcoming always-on– workforce?
HP Client Virtualization can help customers achieve the goals of IT and workforce support, without compromising on performance, operating costs, information security, and user experience with HP Client Virtualization Reference Architectures. These reference architectures provide:
Simplicity: with an integrated data center solution for rapid installation/startup and easy ongoing operations
    • Self contained and modular server, storage, and networking architecture – no virtualization data egresses the rack
    • 3x improvement in IT productivity
Optimization: a tested solution with the right combination of compute, storage, networking, and system management tuned for Client Virtualization efficiency
Scalable performance, enhanced security, always available
    • 60% less rack space compared to competitors
    • 95% fewer NICs, HBAs, and switches; 65% lower cost; 40% less power for LAN/SAN connections
Flexibility: with options to scale up and/or scale out to meet precise customer requirements
    • Flexible solution for task workers to PC power users
    • Combine up to 10,500 productivity and task workers in three racks
    • Unmatched price/performance with both direct attached (DAS) and SAS tiered storage in a single rack (up 50% cheaper than traditional fibre channel SAN)
The complete reference architecture is a tool for HP VirtualSystem, a strategic portfolio of infrastructure solutions, which serves as the foundation for your virtualized workloads. Based on HP Converged Infrastructure (CI), HP VirtualSystem utilizes market-leading capabilities to centralize administrative tasks, improve scalability, optimize workloads and reduce complexity

Whitepaper – HP Client Virtualization Reference Architecture for HP VirtualSystem