Enabling virtualization throughout the IT infrastructure

VMware virtualization works with a wide variety of hardware and software, including storage, networking and security products. We are committed to an open standards-based approach to licensing and interoperability so you can use the solutions that best meet your needs without being locked in to specific vendors. Our Technical Resource Center gets down to the nitty gritty details about the major components of the virtual infrastructure.

  • Security and compliance are paramount to successful virtualization. Our vShield line gives you better-than-physical security, from the edge to the endpoint. Learn more about virtualization security.
  • Virtual networking uses physical networking features, standards and principles. VLANs let you scale your traffic types yet maintain complete isolation on the same physical networking hardware. Learn more about virtual networking.
  • Virtualizing storage enables high-performance access to shared storage resources and creates efficiency of storage arrays used. Learn more about storage management for virtual machines.
  • Enhance the performance of your applications by fully understanding best practices in deploying and optimizing a virtualized infrastructure. Learn more aboutvirtualization performance.

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