We offer a complimentary malware detection scan that includes a detailed assessment of your network vulnerabilities to help you determine your most critical security risks.

Concerned about network security? We’ve got you covered. From firewalls and unified threat management to content threat management and wireless security, we’ll set you up with what your business needs.


The rapid adoption of private, hybrid and public cloud is changing businesses’ sourcing behaviors. Buying decisions around security and networking solutions are now a key part of today’s enterprise IT strategies. Server, storage, and security and networking solutions now form an ‘integrated infrastructure’ strategy. This approach is enabling businesses to optimize these core data Centre elements to ensure they work together in the most efficient way. With its new Security & Networking Solutions Division in EMEA,  We offers the value-added services the customer needs to address the demands of fast evolving data centers – where security and network efficiency is paramount.


Our experienced Security and Enterprise Networking team covering a wide range of Services, software and products across these areas.  The team is made up of focused technical specialists and sales experts who between them have years of vendor, product and services knowledge across the Security and Networking technology areas.

The more technology advances at pace and the threats emerge with incredible frequency, the more critical Security, Networking, Mobility, and cloud solutions become in protecting your business assets.  These fast moving changes in these technology and service areas present fresh business opportunities to the partner community. As a recognized leader in security and enterprise networking BIT Direct Advanced Solutions can help you support your customers and meet your specific security and Enterprise Networking challenges head-on. We accelerate our customer’s success by providing cost-effective, value-added services and solutions.


As digital transformation disrupts every industry, our customers are growing more concerned about preventing disruptions to their business. Customers are not only seeking new ways to protect their most confidential data, but need a real-time network security solution that scales. As their trusted advisor, they rely on BIT to help keep their business data and digital lives safe – from both internal and external threats and vulnerabilities.

It takes time and resources to provide our customers with the network security they’re depending on and the services they require to remain competitive. Both can be difficult to find when you’re focused on continually improving your applications. It’s imperative that you find a reliable partner that enables you to be successful.


Speed Time to Innovation

Innovation knows no bounds. That’s why BIT Direct invests in engineering labs, tools and processes that allow you to develop optimal solutions to deliver your applications.

Reach New Markets

Take the complexity out of getting your IP to market quickly and effectively, no matter what region you’re serving, with BIT Directs global design and manufacturing centers of excellence, logistics network, import/export expertise and global regulatory services.

Reinvest in Your Core

Scaling solutions commands resources. Let BIT Direct take care of the designing, assembling, configuring, testing and shipping – so you can focus your resources on new product releases and application features.

Maximize Profit Margins

You shouldn’t have to choose between achieving higher profit margins and delivering a turn-key appliance. Allow BIT Direct to help with your appliance solution, without transacting the hardware portion of the solution.


Keeping up on cybersecurity and threats can be challenging. OUR team of industry experts, sales and technical resources can work to educate your staff with trainings while working with you on enablement programs to drive more opportunities.


Security assessment services are an effective way to identify opportunities and provide solutions to fix issues. Our assessments (complimentary) and insights (paid) offer an effective way to start a conversation and offer security solutions to ensure compliance and keep our customer’s business safe.

  • Internal and External Pen testing
  • Internal and External Vulnerability
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Posture
  • Health & Life Sciences and Retail Security Readiness

Managed Security Service offers on premise collection, correlation and analysis solution with 24 x 7 cloud-based monitoring and remediation assistance that helps protect our customers against advanced threats.

Government Solutions’ Cyber Protect for our federal and SLED customers, offers Security-as-a-Service, providing a comprehensive defense against complex and proliferating threats.

Support where you need it

No matter how our customer chooses to consume your software—plug and play, custom or on premise/cloud—BIT can help support and bring your network security appliance to market.

  • Network policy management
  • Threat analytics
  • Cloud security
  • Endpoint protection
  • Email and web security
  • Threat detection and prevention
  • Authentication